Thursday, May 10, 2007

::Yahoo to grow Singapore hub

Search engine giant Yahoo plans to "more than double" its workforce in Singapore, which may become the comapny's hub for Asia.
This news comes on the back of the Microsoft + Yahoo merger which had positive influence on Yahoo's share jumping to 17% in the premarket trading while Microsoft slipped to 1.5%. But for many outside observers this merger has a lesser chance of seeing a happy ending due to the sheer size of the two giants and also the cultural and technology differences.
Obviously this merger could not have been even dreamt by many during pre Google emergence, however lately both Micsrosoft and Yahoo have been feeling the heat from Google with Google's aggressive business expansion/strategy.
Microsoft currently trails both Yahoo and Google in the lucrative and growing business of Web search.
The growth of Google still leaves me with awe and admiration and with their increasing portfolio of innovative brand of products both in the market, in the pipepline and in research stage it is no wonder Google is where it is today - Innovation!

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