Friday, May 04, 2007

:: Google@Singapore

At long last the enevitiable happened and Google put paid to months of speculation by opening its regional office in Singapore yesterday.

I was approached by a lady from outside Singapore 3 months ago and she wanted me to represent her for job with Google Singapore. I did some research and found that Google at that time was still contemplating and have not decided yet on setting up their regional office here.

To me Google in Singapore was pretty exciting and I am very glad that Google is here today. It does good for Singapore as a whole because this will defintely boost Singapore image as one of the place to set up regional office.

And for some in the recruiting fraternity, it will do wonders on their resume to be able to declare some day that they were instrumental in recruiting for Google in Singapore.

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Raz said...

I thought Google does not accept agency services? I only got to know the news today - so exciting! Doubt I can find a new job with them though, knowing my background LOL.