Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Building Talent Organizational Capabilities - JobMachine Inc.,

I am herewith reprinting the mail that I received from Dave Mendoza. Please contact him directly for more details on their services - Consulting and Training for sourcing and recruiting team in your organisation.

Dave Mendoza is a Master CyberSleuth and Consultant with expertise in the integration of sourcing methodologies, employment branding and recruitment technologies. Few in the recruiting business take “networking” more seriously or
pursue it more passionately. Author of, a leading recruitment blog, Dave is a distinguished writer and a well versed public speaker. He is known in the recruitment industry as an advocate for building aggressive talent pipelines and research capabilities while maintaining substantive social networking relationships. He joined Shally Steckerl at JobMachine as a partner. About Shally - Winner of the Best Recruiting Research Blog Award! Talent Aquisition Strategy expert, consultant, and researcher. An authority in Internet Search, pioneer in Recruitment Intelligence, accomplished trainer, founder of:, author of acclaimed CyberSleuthing!

On 11/23/06, Dave Mendoza wrote:

Good Morning Joe,

I wanted to take this opportunity to follow-up and provide additional information detailing our services . Our consulting practice also provides solution services to assist companies in building passive sourcing teams and talent organizational capabilities overall that will benefit staffing objectives.

Shally Steckerl and I have partnered to add value to our customer’s sourcing and recruiting teams by helping them build organizational capabilities. Shally Steckerl has helped architect sourcing and research teams at companies such as Microsoft, Google, Motorola, Cisco, Genentech, Disney and Wal-mart and we have advised many others. Attached is a detailed custom proposal, in addition to our training services for your review.

Consulting: We offer professional consulting to staffing leadership on how to design, implement or scale sourcing/recruiting models that best support their organization’s business goals. We assist in crafting potential recruiting models that yield greater efficiencies within an organization’s unique environment. Pricing is adjusted after an initial needs assessment meeting. Please select from the consulting services detailed in the attached document.
Knowledge Transfer: On-site training consists of one or two day live laboratory sessions conducted at your facility and customized for your recruiters’ needs. We’ll help you select the most pertinent topics from over 50 hours of training material. Your recruiters will get hands-on practice with open requisitions and walk away with actionable results. Tuition is $3,500 per day for groups of up to ten and $6,000 for up to 35 participants. To ensure adequate hands-on experience and Q&A, groups larger than 35 must be split into separate sessions. Instructor expenses (air/hotel/transportation) are in addition to tuition. A comprehensive list of topics is enclosed.
Feel free to inform your colleagues, associations and staffing management about our offerings.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Dave Mendoza
Partner, Master CyberSleuth
JobMachine, Inc.
O: (720) 733-2022, C: (714) 235-1004

Thursday, November 23, 2006

On becoming a great recruiter!

I was reading this article 'A Profile of the World's Most Aggressive Recruiter, Part 2' by Dr. Sullivan on and this was based on Questions and answers with Michael Lackaye and I thought it's a very good advice indeed and every recruiter must heed to become a great recruiter.

On becoming a great recruiter:

Michael's advice on how to get better as a recruiter is abandon fear. "You are not paid to be PR, you aren't paid to call and make friends with candidates. You are paid to find the best, sell them, assess them, and hire them. Always be asking yourself 'is this person wasting my time, or is there value in going deeper?' If you want to build a competitive advantage for your recruiting function, be ready to try anything crazy, and fail. Engage your internal network. Brand yourself. Invest time in competitive intelligence, not only in offensive recruiting, but being cognizant of your competitors' efforts to take your best talent."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Whototalkto – the insider’s job search

You know of this blue chip company that you would love to work with and you know that it would have been much easier for you to get a job there if only you knew someone inside the blue chip company or know of someone who can give you the right contacts within the company or give you the inside scoop. But you don’t know anyone at the blue chip company.

In come whototalkto. Whototalkto is the first job referral exchange that brings job seekers together so that everyone can share and exchange the inside scoop.

As a recruiter, this concept did strike me in the past and I am glad whototalkto has come up with a system that is simply very cool and neat. Kudos to you guys!

From the recruiter community perspective, this is a beautiful way of exchanging resources and contacts – a truly give and take policy.

Sometime, we have this exclusive job request from the client/hiring managers and you wish someone could help you provide the right referral or leads.

John is a recruiter with XYZ Pte Ltd and has a client with whom he has an exclusive search arrangement. XYZ gives John a requirement for a Kondor+ Business Analyst. John does not have any K+ candidates and does not know where to find one. John however has very strong network in local Singaporean SAP. John decides to post his dilemma in whototalkto.

Joe works for ABC Pte Ltd and knows someone in Dubai with K+ experience. Joe is also working with IBM client and is in urgent need of Chinese speaking SAP consultants for a project in Shanghai. He came across John’s request and responded.

John and Joe met up at whototalkto and exchanged their referrals and for both it’s a win-win situation indeed.

Some more examples of job referrals:

  • I am currently working at Charterhouse. I can tell you lots about the best way to get hired here if you request more info about this referral.
  • My roommate is a consultant with Standard Chartered Singapore. If you're looking for good permanent banking jobs he can put in a good word for you. I'll give you his email address.
  • My husband is a consultant at IBM. He can refer you to his boss. I'll give you his email address and you can chat with him.

For more info and to register with whototalk to please visit

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

IT pros median salary in Singapore by PayScale!

The other day I got a mail from Susan at PayScale and she was sharing with me about the IT pros payscale in USA and I ask her if she could provide me for Singapore and she replied back immediately with the chart as given below. I thought it’s pretty interesting. You can also find the salary chart for IT pros in India as well as the median salary of IT pros in the different cities in India.
PayScale, Inc. is a market leader in online compensation information, providing access to accurate compensation data for both employees and employers. Learn more about PayScale.
Median Salary of IT pros in Singapore (in USD)

Median Salary of IT pros in India (in USD)

Compare the two charts above and you find the salary differences between the two countries to be more than 3 folds.

However this figures cannot be applied across the industry especially for the banking sectors. According to a recent article in Times of India the salary drawn by a executive and middle level officer in India is comparable to that offered in Singapore.

And for those of you who are keen to know the salary median in the different cities in India the below given chart is a good base to start from.

Median Salary of IT pros in India-by city (in USD)

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