Friday, January 05, 2007

A passionate recruiter

Passion is a source of unlimited energy from your soul that enables you to produce extraordinary results! – Charles Kovess, Australia’s Passion Provocateur.

Ben Gotkin, …from the trenches defines that passion is the drive, the internal motivation, and often most undervalued factor in someone's ability to be successful. He came up with a formula for success which is Passion + Talent = Success.

Passion could be different and unique for each one of us which means we all have passion inside of us. It takes an effort to identify our passion, a greater effort to nurture and pursue it. If you are successful in finding and flourishing your passion with the required skills and talent then you are truly on your way to a life full of excitement and success.

I am passionate about football. I love to play football, watch, and talk and promote the game. But I am not a good footballer; I do not possess the desired skill to be a successful footballer. I am also passionate about recruitment and I belief I have the necessary skills to excel in recruitment and therefore I am a successful recruiter or at least on the path to becoming a successful recruiter.

Some of the renowned personalities that I admire for their passion include –
- Steve Jobs : A living legend, the original innovator. Passionate about new technology and ‘cared deeply about making something wonderful’.
- Sir Alex Ferguson : At 65, he still exudes so much enthusiasm for the game and his team, a sheer joy to watch him celebrate a goal.
- Lee Kuan Yew : A world class statesmen, a master strategist, to hear him deliberate on any issue related to Singapore is an experience to treasure.

Passion is everything in the business of recruiting. Passionate recruiter evolves from being a good recruiter to a great recruiter.
For a recruiter who is just starting out on a recruiting career she might be loaded with ambition, drive and passion but might not have the necessary skills due to lack of experience. This can limit her level of success and performance, at least for the moment. The same can also be said of someone with good qualification and required skills but if she lacks the passion she would likely not have a successful carreer in recruitment.
I belief that passion like attitude cannot be taught or train but skills can be taught definitely. Therefore in due course with improved skills and knowledge gained out of experience and coupled with a continued burning passion one can become a successful passionate recruiter.

A passionate recruiter loves what she does and performs her duty with ease and produce excellent results. She would be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and would be happy to share it with the others. A passionate recruiter will spread positive vibes and good cheers around and would be very committed to her job and the organization. She would be one of those top performers who consistently meet her target.

A passionate recruiter –
• is proactive, energetic and has stamina to last the long run
• learns to motivate and inspire themselves and they in turn inspire the people around them
• transcends any visible or imaginary limitations and consistently achieve
• always has a burning desire or hunger to achieve
• has abundant enthusiasm and a clear conviction about themselves
• operates on different plane/level
• learns from her past mistakes and always endeavors to improve and better herself

For any recruiter it does become very important to be passionate in order to succeed and be recognized.

Be passionate about your clients – keeping their interest in mind at all times while hiring potential candidates.
Be passionate about your candidates - be prepared to fight for them for the best possible deal while representing them.
Be passionate about the requirements you have in hand, be passionate about your recruitment process, the way you conduct your daily business and be passionate about your organization.

Without passion everything becomes mundane, monotonous and ordinary.

Passion is like a flame that needs to be constantly fueled; else it will die. But like a burning flame it also needs constant watch; else it will burn uncontrollably. It might end up doing more harm than good.

*** happy hunting folks***

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Casey said...

Passion is necessary in order to achieve success, but without compassion that drive can become misguided.

Hitler was passionate. Mother Theresa was compassionate.