Friday, May 04, 2007

:: Fair Employment Practices in Singapore - guidelines

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices in Singapore is composed of Singapore National Employer Federation (employers' representative), National Trade Union Council (Unions' representative) and Ministry of Manpower (governments' representative).
The alliance has come up with recommendations on how to conduct dismissals and retrenchments as part of the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. The alliance also produces guidelines in the form of a booklet as part of the fight against discrimination at work place.
Singapore is a multi racial and multi religious contry and comprises of native Chinese, native Malays and native Indians predominantly Tamils. Often, as seen on various media publications workplace discrimination is a phenomenon quite wide spread and does exisit.
Against this back drop the Tripartite Alliance has produced guidelines, which by no means is a legislation but just a recommendation. It is for individual members of the Employer federation or those outside of the Tripartite framework to implement this recommendation.
This is similar with recommendations of the National Wage Council, which is again composed of the three alliances. Salaries, Annual Wage Supplement and Bonuses are to be devised within a certain percentages and thereby protecting both workers and employers alike when economy downturn occurs. This recommendation if practice will protect the employees from retrenchment by having their variable components adjusted and their basic wage protected.
Over the next two years, the Alliance will adopt a concerted, promotional and educational approach to raise awareness and share knowledge on fair employment practices. The Alliance looks forward to the support of all employers, unions and employees in making Singapore a fair and inclusive place to work, contributing to a resilient and dynamic economy.
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Anonymous said...

hi, happen to see your blog this morning. I'm not sure if this Tripartite agreement will work in SG. I have had so many rejections even though I know I'm qualified for the job. I'm 41 yrs old Malay lady and I know the frustrations. Sometimes I find that these employers are just paying lip service. It looks like these employers expect everyone above 40 with a degree to work as cleaners or manual workers, regardless how high your qualifications is. I wish they would think holistically, as this will affect SG in the long-run if they continue discriminating pp based on their sex, age, race etc.