Wednesday, September 26, 2007

:: Post them jobs on Wednesday

An internet job-posting company survey found that the best day to post employment advertisements on the web is Wednesday.

The survey was conducted by eQuest and they counted how many were viewed on a specific days of the week and how many were then clicked through to go to the next step of filling out an application.

While job ads were frequently viewed on Wednesday (18.1%), the report also cliearly confirmed that candidates often search for jobs between Monday (17.5%) and Thursday, with a major drop in acitivity on Friday (12.3%). Saturday and Sunday sees a drop below the 9% mark.

No wonder my first co-branding ad on a Saturday did not received the responses that I quite hope for.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

:: HR Salaries in Singapore

Singapore economy is booming. All sectors are doing well. Banking and Finance is facing shortage of skilled manpower.
These are very familiar headlines that we’ve been seeing for the past few months here in Singapore.
Not surprising, given the fact that the recruitment space which is the best indicator of how well the various industry is performing is buzzing with business and every one getting a share of the recruitment pie.
Every other day we hear of new search firms/recruitment agencies that are making inroads into Singapore market – some from as far away as Alaska!
We also hear of reports from multinational search firms forecasting huge pay rise across the sectors. The recruiting fraternity too benefits immensely from the resultant effects of the booming economy.
The latest Salary Survey in September 2007 by Profile & Search Selection for Singapore, for both Financial Services and Industry markets combines is indeed very interesting.

Partial report as per the salary survey conducted by Profile Search & Selection.

* Experience is in Years. * B & F - Banking & Finance. C & I - Commerce & Industry




B & F (in S$)

C & I (in S$)

HR Director/Head




HR Manager/VP




Asst HR Manager/AVP




HR Biz Partner/Generalist




Com & Ben Head




Com & Ben Manager




Head of Resourcing




In-house rec Manager




In-house rec Consultant




For more details please go to Profile Search & Selection

:: Top 100 HR bloggers!

Such a great and new feeling to see myself included amongst such esteemed company in the Top 100 HR bloggers as compiled by Laura Milligan at Bootstrapper.

Here are the list of the top recruitment blogs in alphabetical order.

  1. Amitai Givertz’s Recruitomatic Blog: This recruiting professional reveals some of her best tools for attracting talent.
  2. AmyBeth Hale: Research Goddess!: This fun to read blog is a great resource for connecting you with other HR sites and blogs across the Web.
  3. A Recruiter Diary: Author Joe Neitham shares “the ups and downs, lessons learnt, success stories,” and more in his recruiting blog.
  4. Ask the Recruiter: Post your questions or just browse through other readers’ inquiries to learn more about the recruiting industry.
  5. Cheezhead: Cheezhead is an attractive, popular blog about recruitment trends, with special attention paid to issues unique to working on the Internet.
  6. Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter: Even if you’re not in the restaurant business, you’ll have a good time reading this blog, which is full of recruiting tales and tips that will leave you hungry for more.
  7. Confessions of a Recruiting Newbie: Follow the author’s journey through a career in HR recruiting.
  8. Cyber Sleuthing: Use this blog to learn the sneakiest tips for using the Web as your main recuritment tool.
  9. Director of Recruiting: Catch up on all the latest “news and views” you need to know as a recruiter.
  10. ERE Expo Blog: The ERE Expo is the principle convention held each year for recruiting professionals. Sign up to attend, check out their blog entries, or preview the event’s schedule.
  11. Expert Recruiter Resource: Don’t miss this blog. Use it to discover a wealth of advice and tips that will help boost your career.
  12. Hire Strategies: Learn about the power of e-recruitment, especially within the retail industry.
  13. IT Recruiting Diary: On this blog, you can read inspirational stories and valuable tips about recruiting.
  14. IT Toolbox Recruitment Blog: The IT Toolbox Recruitment Blog features short but thorough postings with expert advice on the newest recruitment ideas and trends.
  15. The Asia Pacific Headhunter: This blog discusses trends in recruiting, and is a great resource for professionals and job searchers alike.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

:: Singapore's booming economy creates recored number of jobs

Singapore's booming economy saw a record growth of 61,900 jobs in the last three months with unemployment at a six-year low of 2.4% in June.
The preliminary findings from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also found employment growth in all sectors.
Stimulating the job growth is the rapidly expanding economy which exceeded all expectations in the last quarter.
Experts here observed that the economy is steady enough to survive even the weakeding US economy and decreased demand for electronics.

Source: HRM Issue 7.8

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

:: Satyam to double its office space in Singapore

Indian technology giant Satyam Computer Services will open a new 10,000 sq ft office in Changi Business Park (CBP) next week - a move that will effectively double its current floor space in Singapore.
Satyam's Singapore office, which is the company's regional headquarters servicing the Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, will be well poised to take advantage of this regional push.
Source: The Sraits Times, 13 September 2007.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

:: Singapore job seekers prefer SPH newspapers

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) newspapers are the preferred medium for job seekers, according to the Singapore Workforce Survey (SWS) findings.
The SWS shows that 84 ercent of job seekers rely on SPH newspapers for recruitment opportunities.
That is more than double the number that use the Internet - the second most poplular medium - for the same purpose.
In addition, six in 10 of those who use SPH newspapers in their job search said they were eventually offered jobs, compared to 15 percent of those who used the Internet.
Source: The Straits Times, Friday, Sept'7 2007