Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blogreview: John Chow dot com

I stumbled upon John's blog while searching for related blogs on SEO. Am glad I found his blog for the simple reason that I consider him a successful blogger, a legend and just reading his blog does encourage me to shed any inhibitions that chain me and gives me the courage to dream.

John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. It’s a great read and he’ll link to you if you review his blog.

Just to give you an idea as to how successful his blog is try observing the number of comments that he gets for his posts. Its mind boggling, its even humbling.

His blog is all about making money online and he is one of the best in the business. But more importantly he is generous, resourceful and industrious and I say that because he is not afraid to share his knowledge and his success receipe to his readers. That’s the hallmark of a great man!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

:: JobWatch | AT&T to add 120 jobs here this year

Source: TODAY, Friday, March 23, 2007 by Ashraf Safdar

United States telco giant AT&T plans to expand its Singapore capabilities, adding 120 managerial and technical jobs over the next year. Singapore will also become the main service and support hub for the region, offering multilingual, round-the-clock help.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

:: Internet sourcing techniques

Internet recruiting is slowly but surely catching on in this part of the world. Time is not far off when we will have to increasingly employ internet search for finding resumes, but of course this is besides the traditional method of sourcing.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the net and managed to compile some of the most commonly used techniques for internet recruiting and am glad to share this with you.

Before we try and understand the techniques for internet recruiting let us first understand what are the search engines mostly used by experience recruiters.

Some recommended search engines on the Web:
The search strings for each of these search engines will vary and therefore to maximize your search please do read the tutorials in advance from the respective search engines site.

What techniques to use and when and under what circumstances to use will depend on how well you master each techniques. To achieve optimum success one must also have a fairly good idea about the recruitment industry, the specific job requirement, the key words within the requirement and also differentiate the "mandatory skills" from "good to have skills."

Some of the most common internet search techniques are as given below.

A method of looking inside a specific web site to find what's there. Using this technique, recruiters can find documents and web pages that aren't directly accessible via links on the main public home page. When you 'x-ray' a website, you effectively get to examine every document that resides there so long as they are not behind firewalls or password protected.
Example: To find any “software engineer” - could be a document/file or a word/phrase within a document that resides within the website
In Altavista search - AND software engineer
In Google search - AND software engineer

Flipping is an effective method used to find the relationships between web pages based on how they are hyperlinked together. This search is especially useful for finding people who have links to the company or have worked for a specific company.
Example: To find any “software engineer” – could be a document/file or word/phrase that links back to
In Altavista search - AND software engineer
In Google search - AND software engineer

As the name suggest Peeling back is the process of “retracing the path” of the url especially when one gets an Error 404 (File not found). This process is engage so as to locate the information elsewhere on the site or locate the specific “root” folder where one can find similar or additional data specific or related to the search.
Example: By peeling back or keying backspace starting from the point where the url ends we can then access the people link from the homepage and find the names of all the faculty members.

Harvesting involves reviewing a document, such as a resume or home page, and finding key words, links, references and locations that assist with subsequent searches.

By constructing complex search strings and conducting the search in major search engines one can hone in on the exact information/resources with great accuracy.

Some of the commonly used key words for a search string are given as below.
Common resume Words: Resume,
Homepage, CV, Vitae, Bio, Qualifications, Objective, Experience, Education, References, "Work History", "Technical skills", "Project duration"
Common words to avoid: Submit, Opening, Recruiter, Send, Benefits, Requirements, Opportunity, Apply, Job, Jobs, Careers, Eoe, Reply, "my client".

Example on how to construct a complex search strings:
Requirement: A project manager with PMI certification or a 6 Sigma black belt having atleast 5 years of project management within an Investment bank in the areas of Equities connectivity or trading software development. Must have good technical skills in J2EE, EJB, Websphere, XML and DB2.

Search strings credit to – Glenn Gutmacher of Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques

(intitle:~cv OR inurl:~cv OR intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) "project manager" Java "investment bank" ("equities connectivity" OR trading software) -inurl:~efinancial*
Search result: 87 pages

(intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) “project manager” Java "investment bank" "equities connectivity" OR trading software -eoe -opening -post -preferred -reply -send –submit
Search result: 1,740 pages

Live Search:
(intitle:cv inurl:cv intitle:resume inurl:resume) prefer:resume “project manager” Java "investment bank" "equities connectivity" trading software -job -jobs –careers
Search result: 10,038 pages

The search results from the above three searches gives us different amount of results and the task of sieving through the hundreds of pages sounds rather a dauting task. However, the strings above could still be further refined so as to achieve a much more specific results. For example by including SCJP or Sun certification or SDLC, etc I believe one can derived at a much more accurate results.

If you, by applying the techniques as discussed above expects resumes to pop out every time you hit the search button you might end up disappointed and even frustrated. The internet is a storehouse of information and is just an augment to a recruiting process vis-a-vis bigger and better hunting ground and not a complete substitute.

*** Happy hunting folks!***

Friday, March 16, 2007

:: 15 Things You Can Do To Protect the Environment

Well, this is rather a deviation from what I've normally been posting but I thought this post does deserve an exception to the norm. The subject on environment has always been very close and dear to my heart and the cause for cleaner environment will be what I would always like to pursue, support and advocate. Let us all join hands and make this place a better place to live in..this and the generations to come!

Here's a reprint of the public campaign issue by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

The Environment is by far one of the issues most of us take for granted. It's somwhat invisible, intangible and the vastness of it somehow puts people off as to where to start or how their little efforts can do any good. What most of us forget that by being Green/environmentally aware ourselves is only the beginning; we often overlook the need to influence and affect people around us to be aware and lead environmentally mindful lifestyles. We are not asking everyone to become a vegetarian, go around hugging trees or protest against hunting endangered species, the list below is a good start which we think everyone can do...

15 Things You Can Do To Protect the Environment
1. Reduce your driving (walk, bike, ride, take public transport, carpool).Choose a more fuel efficient car.

2. Don't leave your TV, computers, DVD/VCD players on standby; it uses more electricity than the little red LED light!

3. Choose more energy-efficient appliances, especially major ones like refrigerators, aircons and water heaters.

4. Recycle everything you can; newspapers, cans, glass bottles and jars, motor oil, scrap metal, etc.

5. Don't use electrical appliances for things you can easily do by hand, such as opening cans. 6. Plug off your Handphone charger when charging is completed.

7. Re-use bread bags and the bags you bring your produce home in.

8. Store food in re-usable containers, instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

9. Take unwanted, re-usable items to a charitable organization or thrift shop.

10. Don't leave water running needlessly. Save some of your washing machine water. Gargle your mouth with a cup of water instead.

11. Set your aircon temperature to 24-26C instead of below 23C.

12. Turn off the lights, TV, or other electrical appliances when you are out.
13. Fill a 1.5/2L drink plastic bottle and leave it inside the WC; this will save you that same amount every time you flush the toilet.

14. Do not use the water heater on a hot afternoon! Use cold water in the washer whenever possible.

15. Print or copy on both sides of the paper. (pls use the other side of this paper!)

Pls contact Joe Lim at if you want them to come over to your school/org for a Free green talk; For more info on how you can save money on water and electricity at home, do visit -

And if you would like to support SEC please click on this image

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

:: Boom in Singapore IT market – more jobs and higher pay checks!

As per the survey conducted by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) - a rebound in the IT market in the later half of the year is expected. This is in line with the survey conducted by Manpower - which conducted a polled recently and found that over 55% of the employers said they would step up hiring in the April-June months.

The Manpower report also found that of all the 27 countries covered in the survey the Net Employment Outlook for Singapore at 53% has the brightest job prospects for the next three months, even outshining India which is at 31%.

Singapore’s economy is set to grow at 5.4 percent this year an increase from the 5.2 percent predicted in the last survey in December.

A certain feeling of positive outlook for a bullish market is felt all around for the year 2007. This ripple effect of the current good economy outlook is being felt especially in the job market.

A new and positive trend is being felt and echoed by most search firms here that 2007 will be a good year for IT boom. As more and more MNCs set up their operation here or augment their staff strength, especially amongst the investment banks, the market definitely is looking good for those who are in banking and finance sector.

According to Roger Olofsson, associate director Robert Walters as quoted in The Straits Times, IT workers can comprise up to 30 percent of the entire staff of a large MNC investment bank.

This is because of the fact that most investment banks in Singapore have segmented a large chunk of their resources to providing support to the existing applications and users and traders spread across the globe. Most of these activities used to be operated out of their office in New York or London or even Zurich.

Robert Walters also reported sharp increases in salaries in Singapore’s tech industry. These increases range from about $10,000 a year for a business solutions architect to about $100,000 a year for a chief information officer, compared to figures in 2003.

The last 2 year has seen a sharp rise in the number of IT workers coming to Singapore to join one of the investment banks here. This influx is also felt very severely in the areas of real estate. Especially in areas like Simei, Tanah Merah, Tampines and even Bedok the rental has grown to 10-30% for both HDB flats and condominiums. These areas are being preferred by many IT workers due to the fact that Changi Business Park (CBP) is situated near Singapore Expo which is at a close proximity to the above addresses.

In fact landlords these days insist on not only increasing the rental but letting out the flat to only those who are willing to sign a lease agreement for a minimum of 2 years. Fast forwarding to 2007, the scene is much worst with the real estate boom which is almost comparable to the economy boom of the early 90’s with expats willing to shell out 4k for a condominium accommodation.

Singapore is truly experiencing what to me is the beginning of good time and for most search firms here the pie is getting bigger and everyone is expected to have a share of the pie; the size and the amount of the pie largely depends on how well you position your organization in identifying and capitalizing on your core strength.

Friday, March 09, 2007

:: IT Resourcer/Recruiter opening!

Are you comfortable doing the following:
  • Source for IT candidates on the net, if need be make headhunting calls
  • Validate resumes that are received through job post or email responses.
  • Compile long and short list of candidates
  • Forward the shortlist to the consultants

Do you have most of the stuff as below?

  • Very good with internet search
  • Excellent in identifying good resumes and knowing what it is worth
  • Knows how to exploit the various tools of jobsites such as and jobs.db
  • Understands Boolean search strings
  • Recruitment experience in technologies/domain/areas – Infrastructure, Banking and finance, software product development, SAP, Project management
  • Good knowledge of Singapore local IT market both for contract and permanent

If you fit the bills as listed above and you love to work in a multinational company along side some cool dudes from successful search firm backgrounds and at the same time have lots of stress-free work life and earn above industry standard pay you might as well write into this id – .
I will then give you a call and perhaps guide you on your way to working for one of the most exciting recruitment company in Singapore, I promise.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

:: International Women’s Day – Singapore

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Today is 8th of March, International Women’s Day(IWD). This day is celebrated the world over for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Here at home in Singapore, the day is celebrated in many places notably - "Active lifestyle" message for International Women's Day celebrations at Raffles place, - Discovery hunt commemorates International Women's Day.

While most women in Singapore celebrate this day, sadly some section of the society still practices the extreme form of women oppression.

I am of course referring to the headline in the Home section of The Straits Times, Thursday, March 8 2007 – “Girls raped by dad seek leniency for mums who aided incest” by Elena Chong. In the report the father who is a religious teacher told his multiple wives and scores of children that according to the Quran a father “owned” his children and this is extended to having sex with his daughters. How gross!

He has in the course of many years of teaching and living with the wives indoctrinate in them and moulds their minds to the extent that the wives believes and are convinced that it is a sin to disobey the head of the household (the father) and it is ok for the father to have sex with any female member of the family.

Hard to believe but sadly the story is true and significantly this story happens to be published in the leading daily news today on the International Women’s Day.

Some other statistics related to women in Singapore –

  • The ratio of Women to Men in Singapore is 1.07 male(s)/female (15-64 years)

  • Employment rate (25-64 years) female – 62.6% and male – 89.1%. Statistic source: MOM

  • 7.3% of women are obese compared to 6.4% of men (source: Singapore National Health Survey 2004)

  • The MiWA index for Singapore is 75.92 for 2007 as compared to New Zealand(89.85) the highest and Malaysia (57.91) the lowest. MiWA – MasterCard MasterIndex of Women’s Advancement is a composite index that measures women’s socio-economic advancements in relation to men.

  • World Economic Forum(WEF) gender gap study finds that Singapore women get 65.5% of what the men are getting in four areas: economic participation and opportunity; educational attainment; health and survival; and political empowerment.

  • Average Singapore women earns US$16,489($25,194) per year

  • Eight out of 10 Singapore women aged 40-49 only had secondary education or lower

  • Literacy rate: female – 88.6% and male – 96.6%