Thursday, November 23, 2006

On becoming a great recruiter!

I was reading this article 'A Profile of the World's Most Aggressive Recruiter, Part 2' by Dr. Sullivan on and this was based on Questions and answers with Michael Lackaye and I thought it's a very good advice indeed and every recruiter must heed to become a great recruiter.

On becoming a great recruiter:

Michael's advice on how to get better as a recruiter is abandon fear. "You are not paid to be PR, you aren't paid to call and make friends with candidates. You are paid to find the best, sell them, assess them, and hire them. Always be asking yourself 'is this person wasting my time, or is there value in going deeper?' If you want to build a competitive advantage for your recruiting function, be ready to try anything crazy, and fail. Engage your internal network. Brand yourself. Invest time in competitive intelligence, not only in offensive recruiting, but being cognizant of your competitors' efforts to take your best talent."

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Tom Hardy said...

Thank you for all the info! I have been considering healthcare recruiting but I feel like I'm not that good at selling the pitch line. Thank you so much for your article it has helped me a lot!