Thursday, November 02, 2006

IT pros median salary in Singapore by PayScale!

The other day I got a mail from Susan at PayScale and she was sharing with me about the IT pros payscale in USA and I ask her if she could provide me for Singapore and she replied back immediately with the chart as given below. I thought it’s pretty interesting. You can also find the salary chart for IT pros in India as well as the median salary of IT pros in the different cities in India.
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Median Salary of IT pros in Singapore (in USD)

Median Salary of IT pros in India (in USD)

Compare the two charts above and you find the salary differences between the two countries to be more than 3 folds.

However this figures cannot be applied across the industry especially for the banking sectors. According to a recent article in Times of India the salary drawn by a executive and middle level officer in India is comparable to that offered in Singapore.

And for those of you who are keen to know the salary median in the different cities in India the below given chart is a good base to start from.

Median Salary of IT pros in India-by city (in USD)

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Nitin Pai said...

Hi Joe,

Although the salaries in Singapore are 3 times of India, the cost of living in Singapore is 5 times that of India.

Also you need to consider salary hikes, In India hikes are huge and you double your salary every 3-4 years.

Where as Singapore its grows very slowly and hence you dont make much money in Singapore

Kumar said...

First of all, I do not see from the charts that the salary is 3 folds. It is closer to 2 folds.

Second, yes, expenses in Singapore are at least 4 fold for sure, but most notably the house rent and price.