Friday, September 01, 2006

My first month at Charterhouse!

"August – what a blessed and exciting month it has turned out to be for me. Firstly with the arrival of the most wonderful and adorable baby I have ever laid my eye on – my son Immanuel and secondly joining Charterhouse Partnership. With the new work place, a new environment and the sleepless nights(to attend to baby Nuel's needs), what would I have done if not for the energy boosting Brand's - Essence of chicken which keeps me active at work and also the regular afternoon cup of Kopi 'O' which keeps me ticking. What an exciting time and yet so much to look forward to.
As far as Charterhouse is – its been great and in the past few weeks or so I've been keeping myself busy trying to build up the database and also streamlining the process of uploading resumes to the application database. My KRA's are still evolving but I do what I always do best and that is search and resource for resumes. I do have access to jobsites such as Monster and JobsDb, however, I felt that sometime these two sites are just not effective enough and therefore I had to resort to ‘googling’ and mining the net and looking for sites that offers FREE job postings and FREE resume search. Believe it or not, there are quite a few sites on the net which does offer such FREE stuff and I've been busy doing job postings and mining the respective databases. Since we are basically a start up as far as Singapore market is, and in line with my management's plan, I do my bit of branding exercise by starting this blog, secondly by posting about Charterhouse brief to the discussion groups and job boards and thirdly by sending out mailers to all my contacts and prospective candidates. So far the progress is slow but definitely encouraging and I am confident that my effort will pay off in the long run.

Like most organization here in Singapore ours is also a five-day week and even though we do not have a dress-down Friday or a casual Friday, we have a 'Friday Wrap'. Friday Wrap is what most of us looks forward to because thats when we all loosen our ties and relaxed. A typical Friday Wrap starts at 4:30PM with a choice of bottled beer, wine or fizz drink. Soon with our drinks we move into the conference room where one of our directors will conduct and wrap up the meeting with the happenings in the company for the week, introduction of any new joinee, et al. This is a good way to build a culture that will bond everyone in the company. Last week we also had a fun time of bonding at Victors Superbowl with most of the staff participating in the bowling game and enjoying the evening with Beer/wine/Fizz drink and a light dinner.

At Charterhouse, we offer specialist services within the Accounting, Banking & Finance, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Industrial, Manufacturing and Engineering fields. Each unit or business domain is headed by an Associate Director with 2 or more Principal Consultants working with him. I work in the Technology unit and have 4 Consultants that I support with research/resource activities. Each Consultant works within his area of specialization, for example, we have a Consultant who takes care of all Midrange/AS400 related assignments and another who takes care of SAP assignments. We also have consultants specialized in Quantitative area and some in front and middle office within the Banking & Financial sector. This concept of having a specialized consultant in a particular technology or domain is rather new to me. However, I've realized that this is not something new in other parts of the world/organization. This approach as I’ve realized could be very effective in terms of quality delivery that’s because the recruiter will be in a better position to talk-the-talk of the line managers and candidates alike.
Could this however, have some element of limitation/drawbacks, especially in a small market like Singapore? Well, it’s really too early to comment but it sure is different, bold, innovative and exciting and if nothing else, this sets us apart from all and sundries.

As mention earlier we are a very young organization and processes will take time to shape and be in place and as with any start up we will improve, learn, grow and evolve and eventually taste our fair share of success. In the last one month that I have been here, I've experience positive vibes around me and within me and I do believe that sooner rather than later success will come to us in heaps and bounds. Needless to say, I am certainly excited about the whole prospect of being involved in and being part of a team in a start up that is on the verge of creating a successful organization.

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*Happy hunting folks!*

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