Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My first day at Charterhouse

"We take what we do very seriously, but not ourselves" - Charterhouse Pte Ltd.

It has always been a desire for me to work in an environment which is different and unconventional. This desire was fulfilled when I met the folks at Charterhouse - I was introduced to them by the great people at Contact Recruitment (Guys, please get in touch with Contact Recruitment if you are a recruiter and looking for a better job here in Singapore!).
Now, back to Charterhouse, this is an organization which promotes creativity and freedom all the while keeping optimum productivity in mind. Everyone is treated with respect and treated as adult. We have the directors who do not believe in cabins and enclosed room. We all have our work spaces seperated just by shoulder height cubicles, yes you heard me right, even the directors sits in cubicles!. No policing and no intimidation and the leadership style here is basically very friendly and not oppressive.
On my first day at Charterhouse I was made to feel right at home. The induction took over an hour and I thought the induction process was pretty detailed and handled very neatly. It's always comforting when your director takes the time to explain to you about the organization Vision and Mission and business plans. I believed that every member of an organization should be educated well on the company's Vision and Mission statement, afterall, how can one begin to value add if you have a different wave length and aspiration from your employer? The Japanese employees are a different breed - every employee is expected to know the management/founder's Vision & Mission statement and have it on the tip of their tongues. Organization are managed like one big family, employers treat their employees with respect and take care of them like their own family members. In turn, the employees are loyal and dedicated. I guess this is one reason why the term attrition in Japanese work culture is not commonly found.
Expectations are very high on me, but then thats a feeling which is not new to me. I only hope that I can give my best at all times and contribute to the growth of the organization. My first responsibility as a Research Associate would be to build and organize the database and of course to support my front end guys with great resumes to present it to the clients. Even before I joined Charterhouse I kept track of their job postings both from Charterhouse's job search, JobsDB and Monster and the idea behind this was purely to understand the kind of requirements and domains that they are into. Well, I do have a pretty good idea now and all I need to do is build and nourish my network, farm and harvest the internet/job sites and constantly scratch my brain and think out of the box to generate resumes and contacts in order to build a mega size databank. I will need all the help that I can get mate, you listening? :-)
*Happy hunting folks!*


Anonymous said...

The CharterHouse team sound like great people to work shoulder to shoulder with. Wish you all the success.

rah rah's said...

hey Uncle Joe i finally found your website