Friday, September 29, 2006

Google VERSUS Microsoft

The dynamic world of web search and services has never been the same since Google arrived on the scene and this I can promise you things around us are destined to never remain the same. Google not only brought in newer and braver and more innovative ideas but also fired up competitors like Microsoft to become more creative in creating and coming up with a better product. One such example would be a superior Windows Desktop Search (WDS) from Microsoft as compared to Google Desktop Search (GDS) and another such example would be Microsoft's Windows Live search compared to Google web search. Compare the two sites and you observe the resemblances between the two. It is pretty obvious that Microsoft is trying to emulate Google with a neat and light search page - Google's trademark design. The competition between the two does not end there but also in many other areas as can be seen in the comparision table as below. One can boldly predict that the fierce competition is not about to end soon atleast not in the near future. And the good news is that we can also look forward to happy days ahead of us with better, cheaper and meaner products resulting from the healthy competition between Microsoft and Google. For now I am not willing to take any side just yet but atleast when it comes to web search, cool gadgets and email I am for Google - entirely and faithfully.




Web Search

Google search

Windows Live search



Windows Live Mail beta

Instant messaging

Google Talk

Windows Live Messenger


Google Maps/Earth

Windows Live Local/Virtual Earth

Web Calendar

Google Calendar

Windows Live Calendar

Browser Toolbar


Windows Live Toolbar



Microsoft Excel

Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search

Windows Desktop Search

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