Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tips - If I've learnt 3 things in recruitment

1. It actually is a numbers game (as annoying as my previous managers were in drumming that in to me!), and you do need to make hay while the sun is shining

2. Complacency is the root of failure!... Never take a candidates word for granted (or client for that matter)

3. You're only as good as your last quarter

Provided by Claire Whalley of ARM Ltd


Eric Wong said...

Indeed.. It's a number's game.
I always say.. "Tune your ratio" Sad but true.. Keep going..

Sumit said...

Hi Joe,

I absolutely Agree with point no. 2 & 3, we shouldnt take the candidates for granted as in the matter like when we interview these candidates and if they happen to be desparate for the job, they would tell us that they know everything related to the job profile but when it comes to the practical terms the story is something very different, So i pin on the point that once you have a telephonic interview with the candidate and you feel that he / she is seems to be a good match for the job profile, shouldnt wait to meet and discuss more briefly with the candidate.

And the third point mentioned, I agree with the same, the scope of delivering more nos is as good as the previous quater.

- Sumit Sambhi