Sunday, July 12, 2009

If I've learnt 3 things in recruitment...

1) Be completely flexible to your clients' needs

2) Don't promise something you can't deliver

3) It's not rocket science! The basics of hard-work, integrity & good client/candidate relationships will pay off.

By Michelle Jones of e-recruitment buddy


Damodar Menon said...

Very True. Fully agree with you. These principles will see you through good times or hard times, booms or busts. These principles are not to be treated as "Strategies", but need to come from within with conviction. There is no other state of mind which will work in all seasons. Best Wishes - Damodar Menon

Joe Neitham said...

Dear Damo sir! Thanks for your comment. Wise words indeed from a wise professional. Best wishes to you too!

Damodar said...

Thanks JK. Great to see you doing well. Keep marching forward.

Regards and Best Wishes

Damodar Menon