Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Social Recruiting Survey - jobvite.com

The impact of Social media for recruiting(at least in the US) has progressively become the most dominant factor for many companies to find and hire quality candidates. According to the 2012 annual Social Recruiting Survey from Jobvite:

+ 92% of respondents use or plan to use social media for recruiting, an increase of almost ten percent from the 83% using social recruiting in 2010.

+ 73% have successfully hired a candidate through social networks, making social recruiting a highly effective source of quality new hires.

+ A large majority of recruiters (71%) consider themselves savvy in social recruiting, having a sizeable understanding of what to look for in social profiles.

+ 49% of recruiters who implemented social recruiting saw an increase in the quantity of candidates, and 43% noted a surge in the quality of candidates.

Some other notable findings in the 2012 annual Social Recruiting Survey from Jobvite:

- Facebook is gaining grounds in 2012 with 66% share and Twitter at 54% but the undisputed king of social network recruiting is and continues to be LinkedIn at 93%!

- Since implementing social recruiting, 20% reported taking less time to hire while 49% saw an increase in quantity of candidates and 43% saw an increase in quality of hire.

- 89% of respondents have made a hire thorugh LinkedIn, 26% thorugh Facebook and 15% through Twitter.

- 86% of recuiters are likely to look at social profiles when reviewing candidates

"As recruiters continue to collect more knowledge on social recruiting best practices, the number of quality hires acquired through social media increases. The role candidates’ social activity plays in hiring decisions also grows in importance. Hiring in and of itself has broadened its reach to include a multitude of social media sources as companies continue to seek out new ways to find and hire the best talent". - Jobvite.


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All the top recruitment companies are being active on social media sites and using social media networking sites as their major source to recruit new workers.

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