Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Singapore - most competitive IT industry in APAC

Singapore has sailed past Australia to become the most comepetitive economy in the Asia-Pacific in information technology(IT).

The results come from this year's edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit's IT Industry Competitiveness Index. The index benchmarks 66 economies on a series of indicators covering critical foundation areas for IT innovation, such as overall business environment, IT infrastructure and human capital.

  • Singapore rose 6 places to become the third-most competitive IT market in the world

  • Singapore achieved its third-place global ranking on the strength of its research-and-development environment, which is ranked fifth in the world

  • Two thirds of the world's biggest 100 IT firms have a presence in Singapore

  • Singapore also scored well because of its support for IT-industry development, where it is ranked 5th in the world

  • Singapore was ranked 9th in the world and 2nd in the Asia-Pacific in 2009


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