Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Facebook Statistics!

While browsing through a magazine today I came across some statistics on Facebook and it got me really curious so I started googling on Facebook and came up with some interesting stats.

Some of them are listed below -
  • FB is 6 years old (founded in Feb'2004)
  • Over 400 million active users (Only China and India have larger population than FB has members)
  • People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on FB.
  • 700,000 new users everyday which amounts to 21 million new users every month.
  • About 70% of FB users are outside the United States
  • As of June 2010 there are 187 countries with registered FB member
  • While USA tops the list with 123 016 580 members, at the bottom of the pile is Sierra Leone with 5400 members
  • Indonesia has the highest number of users from ASIA with 24 722 360 members and they are just behind the US of A and England.
  • As for tiny Singapore with a population of 4 million we are 38th on the list with 2 253 640 members and user growth of 4.52% from last year. Which is relatively high penetration rate(46.57%).
  • The country with the highest user growth is Laos with an astonishing figure of 82.01% while the lowest user growth is in Namibia with a drop of minus 286.21%
  • The top 3 countries with the highest user growth are Laos, Iraq(38.31%) and South Korea(20.07%)
  • Lastly, the top 3 categories on FB that has the highest number of fans are (sex) Playboy on Facebook - 1 4110 189 fans, (news) CNN on Facebook - 840 628 and lastly (information) Google.com on Facebook - 696 883 fans.

It is rather intriguing that Playboy which falls under the category SEX has the highest number of fans considering the fact that women have always made up a larger share of the FB user base than men! Thats something to ponder upon ..... ;-)


Anonymous said...

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Real facts on face book! I was shocked with 500 billion minutes on face book! I have shared this back with face book with all my friends, thanks a lot!

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chandra said...

Shocked to see Singapore in 38th position. Oh this means many have started wasting there time.

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