Friday, January 16, 2009

Google to lay off 100 full-time recruiters!

Amidst all the fresh news of gloom and doom around the world and the enevitiable end result of job losses in the form of lay offs and retrenchment happening almost every day I just could not stop myself from mentioning Google specifically.

And thats because I've always been a big fan of Google and their innovative approach to anything they embark upon including their stringent and out-of-the-box recruitment process.

Having said that it was rather dissapointing to know of Google laying off 100 full-time employees that too their recruiters!

Google is known to have one of the most profitable business model and a mean reputation of technology industry's most resilient companies and that raise a question in my mind.

When such entity like Google are necessitated to resort to laying off workers, who else can remain isolated and safe from being layed off?



Razlan said...

Google is not the only one who is doing this - although it is the only one I know laying off recruiters in such a big scale. But consider these big boys as well, O'Reilly Media, Microsoft and

I even thought of tracking layoffs in Singapore to monitor the trend, but the mere idea of it depresses the best in us, don't you agree?

Joe Neitham said...

Hi Razlan,
I agree with you, such news are too depressing and thats one reason why I kind of avoid publishing too many related news, Google as mentioned is an exception!
Btw, we already have couple of industrious folks with blogs on Singapore retrenchment news, one such blog is Singapore Retrenchment Blog (

Razlan said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the heads-up. Now I have one centralised place to look for such news, even if it is a bit depressing. Actually there is another collection of such information in a job board forum (I won't mention which), but I thought it is not that appropriate for a job board to collect and broadcast such message.

Just a side note - are you no Twitter? Mine is here.

And sorry for the previous comment, I think something went wrong with my HTML formatting.