Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top 50 HR Blogs

Very excited that I was included in the Top 50 HR Blogs as published by Business Schools Directory (Campus and Online MBA Degrees) - what a great honour.
The top 8 Recruitment Blogs that made it to the list are as follows:

Cheezhead. This popular recruitment blog offers a main course of recruitment issues with a nice side dish of other HR topics.

Recruiting Fly. From applicant tracking systems to specific corporate job opportunities, this blog covers the latest news in recruiting.

Magic Pot of Jobs. These IT recruiters have put together a blog to help job searchers know what steps to take to give themselves the best advantage when it comes to landing the interview and the job.

Recruiting Animal. This collaborative blog, an extension of The Recruiting Animal Show, offers posts with timely topics that relate to the world of recruiting.

Amitai Givertz’s Recruitomatic Blog. This recruiting specialist shares his expertise through original blog posts including topics offering recruiting help as well as news about the recruiting industry.

Research Goddess. Get the latest news from the recruitment world brought to you in the posts at this blog.

A Recruiter Diary. This IT recruiter shares his knowledge with news and tips collected from several sources.

Recruiter Guy Blog. Stay on top of recruiting trends with information about what recruiters are using and what job-seekers find helpful with this fun and flashy blog.
*** Happy hunting folks***


Recruiting Animal said...

Thanks for mentioning The Recruiting Animal.

Recruiting Animal said...

Thanks for mentioning The Recruiting Animal