Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Want to be a Big Biller? One minute ideas

Recruitment big billers are perceived by the humble recruiter to be something that they could never be! The fact of the matter is that they just have a different mind set. There are no obstacles to success in their minds, they are also willing to ask for the business rather than be cap in hand and are able (and willing) to follow, repeatedly, the same process time and time again without question - because it works....
If you are a newbie or average recruiter in terms of billings, accept that being a recruiter is a process driven business which requires discipline and focus, not cutting corners of a proven system or continuous non productive distractions.

If you can achieve this you will be on the road to becoming one of the recruitment industry's Big or even Super Billers!

Source: Want to be a Big Biller? Learn from top recruiters!

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