Wednesday, November 21, 2007

:: Good time for job seekers in S'Pore

Singapore employers continue to see positive hiring demands in the last quarter of 2007. According to Manpower's Employment Outlook Survey, net employment outlook of +43% showed that employers in Singapore will continue to hire at a vigorous pace.
The survey revealed that 51% out of 759 employers polled expected to hire more [eople during the fourth quarter of 2007. 31% projected no change in hiring intention while 2% expected a decrease in staffing levels.
The finance, insurance and real estate industries reported the strongest hiring activity with a net employment outlook of +70%.

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Asha said...

Hi Joe, As you have been in this industry and in Singapore since a long time, can you tell me the hiring trend for the IT sector? Do companies prefer local people only or they are open to hiring outsiders with a strong technical background and sound experience.