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:: Big Biller by Bill Vick & Des Walsh

For all those serious recruiters who wish to scale the dizzy heights of big billing this great work by Bill Vick & Des Walsh is a great resource. Some good excerpts are given as below. Please register your mail id to receive a sample copy of their work at

Every industry has its superstars. In the recruiting world we call them the Big Billers. They are the ones who have mastered the art and science of recruiting, the ones who consistently earn far more than most people dream of earning.

Accoring to Paul Hawkinson Big Billers are a special breed: “Some of their traits are: they’re hungry, they’re money-motivated, they’re basically peoplepleasers, they have a purpose. They’re generally intolerant of mediocrity. They’re extremely focused. Whether a searcher, a placer, or contingency, or retained, a lone wolf or a team leader, they have laser like focus. And I have found they are sensitive to gut feelings. Some people are sensitive to gut feelings, some people aren’t".

5 Keys to success:
  • Attitude – every Big Biller has reached a point where he or she has an unshakeable, winning attitude and relentless persistence.
  • Focus – every Big Biller has a crystal-clear purpose and a strategy for success.
  • Control – Big Billers control the process at every step, and are in control of the hirer’s expectations and the candidate’s presentation - nothing is left to chance.
  • Discipline – every day is planned, routines are followed, the process is respected.
  • Relationships – Big Billers put customer needs before fees (again and again it was emphasized that recruiting is above all a relationship business).

The 11 commandments for Big Billers:
1 - Thou shall not play games thy cannot win and never forget time kills all deals.
2 - Honor thy self first, the client second, and all others third. Never forget who brought you to the party.
3 - Thou shall plan thy work and work thy plan.
4 - Thou shall remember recruiting is a contact sport.
5 – Thou shall remember building relationships and establishing rapport is an all the time not a sometime thing. The 5 best and proven ways to build relationships are:
1 - Face to Face
2 - The phone
3 - The phone
4 - The phone
5 – e-Mail
6 - Thou shall remember recruiting is a life style, not a sometimes job. If you don't love it don't do it. If you have to lie to win don't do it. If you have to be somebody else from 8:00 to 5:00 don't do it. Always strive for balance in your business, as in your life, and live with integrity and honor.
7 - Thou will follow through and never forget the deal is not done until the check clears.
8 - Thou shall not get seduced by Technology. It is a tool not a crutch.
9 - Thou shall remember when hunting for clients or candidates, as in hunting for elephants, to use a rifle, not a shotgun.
10 - Thou shall not forget Recruiting is a business, not a profession, but to always act and conduct business professionally.
11 - Thou shall not forget the Golden Rule and treat other’s as you want to be treated.

Big Biller Basics © Big Biller Publishing 2006 -

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Bill Vick said...

Joe - thank you for helping us spread the word about recruiting excellence and superior achievement. I'm passionate about seeing good recruiters become great ones and I appreciate your kind words.


Ravi JK said...

Dear Joe,

It is real Gyan. I never came across better stuff on recruiter's activity. Thanks a ton for bringing an enlightenment into my profession, sorry, my business.

Ravi JK