Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Just the other day I came across this new term call bookmarklets and I got curious and started searching the net. To my suprise, this indeed is a very good and useful tool and I was kicking myself for not finding out about it much sooner. I found it to be very useful for anyone who spends lots of time on the net surfing or searching or…. And as for anyone who calls himself a recruiter this is a must must tool to learn and use and you must not be found without one.

A Bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored within a bookmark in most popular browsers and in favorites in Internet Explorer (that’s why some call it favelets or favlets).

Bookmarklet lets you:

  • Modify the way a web page is displayed within the browser (e.g., change the font size, background color, change the image size, etc.).
  • Extract data from a webpage (e.g, hyperlinks, images, text, etc)
  • Takes you directly to a search engine, with the search term(s) input either from a new dialog box, or from a selection already made on a web page by highlighting the word(s) using your mouse.

For more information on bookmarklets and to download more than 100 bookmarklets that are ready to be use, please visit

Happy Hunting folks!

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Arun said...

If you use firefox, there is an extension called Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a platform for running "user scripts" within firefox. Userscripts are small greasemonkey javascript programs that run within firefox that can add NEW functionality to an existing website EVERY time the website is loaded in your browser.

A userscript could show prices from Barnes&Noble for the same item when you visit page for a book/CD etc

A userscript could remove advertisements from many popular websites

A user script could embed data from another site when you load a particular website

For more details, see